We bought a house!!!

>> Tuesday, September 20, 2011

SAM_0907It’s a beauty, I tell you! We took possession on September 2. The past two and a half weeks have consisted mainly of one thing – demolition. But before I get into any of that, I’d like to show you around a little! As you can see from the outside, it is a ranch style modular home, complete with awesome bay windows of the ‘80s. Gotta love that! It is also a “wonderful” light peach color. It also comes complete with old curling shingles and a nifty wheelchair ramp. Needless to say, we were a little underwhelmed when we first pulled up to view it.

SAM_0918Here is the view from the front door. Straight ahead is the kitchen (obviously), to the right is the living room and to the left is the hallway.
SAM_0909The view of the living room from the entryway. I bet you are jealous of our wallpaper and curtains. It’s ok to admit it. To the left there is the dining room.

SAM_0910This is the dining room. To the left of it is back into the kitchen and straight ahead is our lovely sunroom. More pics of that in a minute!

SAM_0911Here is the view from the living room, looking back toward the entryway.

SAM_0912Another view of those gorgeous curtains from the dining room.

SAM_0913Our strange little sunroom.

SAM_0914Hopefully one day we figure out something useful to do with this room. In Alberta, we get a lot more cold weather than warm so we’ll have to see how useable it will be in the fall and winter.

SAM_0917So here is our fantastic kitchen. The cabinets were actually in not too bad shape but there were definitely some things that weren’t working for us…

SAM_0919… like this. I love the idea of having a desk in the kitchen but not when it compromises so much useable counter space. Plus that bulkhead is just nasty and fake!

SAM_0920This is the view from the dining room through the kitchen. That little half door is a huge pantry. Off to the right is the laundry nook and the stairs to the basement.

SAM_0921Here you can see the laundry nook and the door to the basement.

SAM_0923Coming full circle, here we are at the front door again.

SAM_0924Just a plain old hallway with some giant mirrors at the end and some handy railings all the way down it.

SAM_0925Here is our main bathroom. Nothing too exciting to see in here. Which is kinda the problem.

SAM_0927Here is the first bedroom. It’s a little on the small side, but in my opinion kids don’t need a huge space so it will work just fine. And luckily it came equipped with some linoleum and exercise bars. Just what every kids’ room needs!

SAM_0929Although Landon looks pretty pleased with it!

SAM_0930Here is our lovely master bedroom. This is the view from the hallway.

SAM_0931The master actually used to be two smaller bedrooms so it is quite large. We are excited to have a nice little sitting area in our room too.

SAM_0932Just another angle of that lovely blue carpet!

SAM_0935And last, but not least, is our ensuite. Isn’t it lovely??
So there you have it. Our house in all it’s 80s glory. An spoiler alert – there is not one room in the house that still looks the same. Awesome eh? Although looking at these pictures, I kind of just miss having flooring and a toilet!


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