About Me

Hello Friend! I'm Lindsey! I live in small town, Alberta with my husband and four sons (6,5,2, newborn). I'm kind of obsessed with the concept of "home." And while I do believe that you can make a home anywhere, I really want to create a space that is a sanctuary for our little family. To me, that doesn't just mean aesthetics, but the whole experience: the function, the people, and the feelings and memories it fosters.

I call myself a Jill-of-all-trades. Not because I'm particularly skilled in lots of things, but because I'm willing to try doing almost anything. I've enjoyed dabbling in sewing, baking, home improvement, building, writing, organization, cooking, photography, budgeting, music and pretty much anything else that is required in the job description of a mom. Also, as a mom of an autistic little boy, I'm an Autism Awareness Advocate! 

We bought our current home in the fall of 2011 and spent a couple months working feverishly to gut and redo the entire main floor. Now we are slowly chipping away at extra projects, decor, and landscaping.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you stick around for a while!


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