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>> Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I’ve been really busy the last couple weeks touching up all of the main areas of our house. It is really slow going with the little guys but I’m nearly done! Can’t wait to be finished all the actual house stuff so I can get going on cleaning and organizing.

Our original plan was to list on March 1. A few weeks ago our real estate agent mentioned that the market was pretty slow and we might want to consider listing at the end of February. We were fine with that and that has been our plan for the last couple weeks. Then today we had a little wrench thrown in our plans.

My husband got home from school today and immediately asked me if I saw what was in our front yard – a for sale sign. Not ours, but the owners of the other half of our duplex. And technically it was on their side of the front yard, but still!

So naturally we called our real estate agent in a panic perfectly calm manner to see what effect this will have on us. He’s getting back to us today on what our plan of action should be but I’m definitely a little nervous about this. One of the things we felt was on our side was that there are not many homes like ours in our area, which is actually quite desirable. And now, there isn’t just a similar house, there is one exactly like ours. Plus it may give people a bad impression if both sides of our duplex are for sale at the same time, like something is wrong with the house.

Anyways, we are just trying to make the best of it. On the good side, we are happy with their price point so hopefully we can both get what we are looking for.

Thank you, life, for the curveball!


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